Customer Safety

Our team is passionate about keeping your jobsite and families safe around electricity. When you call us, we will offer any applicable safety information to help protect you. Our team frequently offers some electrical safety basics for homeowners and clients, such as:

  • If you need to reset a breaker, ALWAYS wear rubber insulated shoes, such as tennis shoes and do not stand in water.
  • Stand to the side of your panel, not directly in front of it. That way if it does spark your face and body are not in the direct way.
  • Always keep safety plugs in your outlets with little kids around and educate them to never put anything other than a plug in there.
  • The National Electrical Code requires GFCI receptacles within 6’ of any water, in all wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages and any outside receptacle. This is to prevent an electrical shock or worse. Your facility may be grandfathered to a prior code, but we always recommend this for safety.
  • Replace your batteries in your smoke detectors annually and completely replace them every 8 to 10 years. Especially in Phoenix, the dust gets into the sensor and the detectors cannot tell the difference between dust and smoke and may not go off in an emergency.
  • Never use extension cords that are frayed or have exposed wires.
  • Your electrical panel should be maintained at least every other year to be sure breakers are properly torqued and working properly. This helps eliminate a larger problem later.
  • If you are skilled to work on your own power, always turn off the breaker or power whenever possible to eliminate risk of shock.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, Electrical is not a hobby, when in doubt please call a licensed professional. Remember, electricity is the only natural power that cannot been seen, only the effects of it and it has the force of life and death. Respect electricity.

We hope you will utilize the FREE download, helping to prompt you to regularly check hazardous areas!

Electrical Safety Calendar
Employee Safety

A Safety Culture

RDS Electric believes safety is a critical part of our culture that we must continually provide. Our goal is to create a productive work environment that is safe for our employees and clients alike. We approach all projects with a safety 1st mindset! The implementations of having an injury have far more impact than an EMOD # or insurance claim. It impacts people’s personal lives with their families and communities. It is our managers and foreman’s job to be sure our new comers are properly trained to protect themselves and each other on the job.

Due to this high value on safety, RDS has a minimum OSHA 10 standard in the field and OSHA 30 requirement for foreman. Most accidents can be prevented with training and awareness! We want everyone to go home safe at the end of the day and you cannot put a price on that!

All construction foremen and service technicians are trained in lock out/tag out and arc-flash as well as continual training in first aid and cpr. At RDS, safety is our priority!

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