Tilt Up Projects

Concrete Tilt Up Construction Phoenix AZ

The Phoenix market is hot with tilt-up concrete and pre-cast buildings being used for warehouses and distribution seemingly everywhere. This building process takes concrete wall panels poured onsite and stands them in place resulting in faster construction than other methods. These concrete panels generally weigh 50k to 125k pounds and are installed by a crane.


Concrete Tilt Up Construction 1   Concrete Tilt Up Construction 2

As a subcontractor on your project, we work closely with the general contractor and engineer to ensure the electrical systems are integrated seamlessly into the building structure. RDS Electric has the experience to handle any of the electrical needs flawlessly before and during all construction phases. Our dry utility division ensures the primary electrical and site is ready ahead of time. Crews have been thoroughly trained to implement all safety measures during the installation process to prevent accidents and ensure compliance with safety regulations. RDS has the proven expertise you need to complete your tilt-up building on time and with ease.

Crane Installing Precast Concrete Building Wall

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